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Considering a Gap Year programme?

Whenever you hear about a gap year, it usually means a year of traveling, working or planning their future – where to study to be exact. You may have heard of taking a gap year, but have you heard about taking a gap year programme?

The Gap Year

Whenever you hear about a gap year, it usually means a year of traveling, working or planning their future – where to study to be exact. Choosing a school to study for university is an important step in everyone’s lives, and it should be thought out, it is an important step. Now that is what most people tell when they speak about taking a gap year, but we are here to prove them wrong! Ever heard of a gap year program?

Gap Year Programme

Before we delve into the blog post we do want to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a gap year. You can explore the world, participate in a meaningful cultural change, and build lasting relationships. This is what a gap year programme also wants you to experience. So whether you choose a gap year or a gap year programme, you will learn more about yourself, the world and gain valuable skills: problem solving, intercultural communication.

A gap year programme is quite easy to understand – it is traveling, working and studying by being abroad. So you get all the benefits of taking a gap year while also seeing what your future is by trying out a school program. Quite genius right? We think so too.

The benefits of gap year programme

As you read, choosing to do a gap year programme instead of a normal gap year is beneficial, you learn what you like and don’t like in terms of studies while doing your studies in a completely new location, one that you have not lived in yet. This is a very important part of a student’s journey. As a  gap year student, you choose a gap year because you probably do not know what your favourite field of study is. By having this opportunity, school programmes are suitable as an alternative to a “traditional” gap year. 


Gap year programme at Haarlem Campus

Now the question becomes where to do the gap year programme? We say with us, Haarlem Campus. We won’t go into detail why you should study in Holland, we already have a blog post dedicated to that. Rather we will focus on our school and how we approach things. Haarlem Campus has 3 bachelor programs and is situated in Haarlem, Netherlands, the sister to Amsterdam. 

What programmes are we talking about? Business Psychology, Creative Media and Digital Transformation Management of course! And we have guaranteed accommodation available for our students, so you won’t have trouble finding a home to live in during your first year. We basically give you everything you need to start off your new student life in a different country: school, place to live, new fellow students and friends. 

A gap year programme is therefore the icing on the cake: you get the benefits of a gap year – that is, the above-mentioned skills, which will help you in your career – while also starting to develop yourself more professionally with a real bachelor’s degree. Talk about a gap year!