SRH Campus Haarlem

Living in the Netherlands

From cycling everywhere to enjoying local delicacies like stroopwafels and bitterballen, living in the Netherlands is a unique experience that many people find fascinating. Learn more below.

Haarlem, the Netherlands

Housing and living costs

One of the most important factors to consider when studying in the Netherlands will be your budget. Housing costs will vary depending on if you choose to stay in student housing or private accommodations. To learn more visit our student housing on campus page.

For living expenses, Including food, public transport, books, clothes, cinema tickets, housing, and insurance, a student should prepare to spend an average of between €1,300 and 1.700€/month when studying in Holland.

First day as an international student in the Netherlands

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Haarlem, the Netherlands

The city of Haarlem

Our Campus is located at Haarlem, a city of remarkable history, featuring great culture, cafés, shops, restaurants and nightlife. Besides, the home of some of the Netherlands’ best museums and world-famous art is regularly voted as one of the country’s best cities for shopping. Its own vibrant pulse, created by historic waterways, cobbled streets and ancient buildings provides unadulterated inspiration and first rate entertainment.

Other than that, the cultural charm of the historic city, its proximity and frequently running trains to Amsterdam offer space for economic innovation as well as entrepreneurial vision. Especially businesses in up-and- coming sectors including young digital businesses, creative manufacturing, circular economy as well as life sciences and health found their way to Haarlem, creating a hub for highly-educated professionals and entrepreneurs.

Just a throw stone away from Amsterdam

Living in Haarlem has numerous benefits. The city captivates with beautiful canals, a lively community and beaches just around the corner. Another decisive advantage of Haarlem is it’s proximity to the heart of the Netherlands – Amsterdam.

The capital of the Netherlands can be reached within a 11 minute train ride up to 148 times per day and gives access to iconic landmarks, deep culture and beautiful sceneries.

beach, the Netherlands

Biking distance from the seaside

Two of the most famous beaches of the Netherlands are easily reachable by bike or within a 25 minute bus ride from Haarlem City Centre.

Zandvoort & Bloemendaal are surrounded by wild dunes and each summer temperatures rise up to 32 degrees, attracting hundreds of Dutch locals from all across the country.

It’s the perfect location for everyone who needs fresh air, a change of perspective and to refuel new energy and creativity.