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Working while studying in the Netherlands

Many students choose to work while pursuing their education in the Netherlands. However, if you want to work alongside your studies while staying in the Netherlands, there are some things to keep in mind. Learn more below.

student SRH Haarlem University of Applied Science

Work permit regulations

International students may work up to 16h per week with their study visa. For more hours than this students need a work permit from their employer. For business owners there is no limitation in the amount of hours worked weekly. That is why a lot of international students start their own business whilst studying with us. This allows them to finance part of their living or studies which brings some relief to their struggles. 

Find comprising information regarding work permits and working hours from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment below.

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student SRH Haarlem University of Applied Science

Where to find a job?

For many students, the place where to search first when it comes to finding a job in the Netherlands is checking out local job websites. Not only might they help you find your next dream job, but they’ll also give you a good idea of the local job market conditions. We have prepared a list of recruitment agencies through which you can find a job below.

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student SRH Haarlem University of Applied Science

Work Visa and permit after gtraduation

After the completion of your programme, you can extend your stay in the Netherlands for up to 12 months. You need to change the status of your visa to a work visa and may also require to get a permit depending on the nature of your work.

Start working at Albert Heijn

Looking for a job in addition to your studies? Our partner Albert Heijn is always looking for staff, both nationally and internationally. This local grocer has several shops within Haarlem and offers all kinds of jobs.

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