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Visa and residence permit

In the Netherlands you are not allowed to apply for your visa yourself, your educational institution is obliged to do it for you once you are enrolled in a specific programme and it usually takes about four to six weeks. Read further below to learn about the procedure.

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Visa and Permits


Most students who live outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland need a visa and/or residence permit to study in the Netherlands. 

Students from Ukraine

Ukrainian students are allowed to stay in the Netherlands for 90 days or longer if needed based on their status. This means that you as a student can apply for a programme and apply for your visa after you arrive in the Netherlands. We understand that these are complex matters that might make you worried so please don't shy away from contacting our recruitment staff.

The Netherlands

Do I need a visa and/or residence permit?

In the table below you can find out whether you need a visa and/or residence permit for your studies in the Netherlands. 

NationalityStaying less than 90 daysStaying more than 90 days



No visa or residence permitNo visa or residence permit

Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, USA, UK or Vatican City


No visa or residence permitResidence permit needed
All other nationalitiesShort stay visa may be needed*Visa and residence permit needed


* Short stay visas are only required by nationals of certain countries. Check on the immigration department website (IND) whether this applies to you. If you need a short-stay visa, you must request this yourself from your local Dutch consulate. 

Please note:  your visa can only start a month before starting date of your studies.





The Netherlands

Student Visa/Residence permit application process

1. Get admitted to a full-time study programme at SRH Haarlem University of Applied Science

2. Proceed with the payment of your tuition as well as visa fee (450€) via Flywire or other payment options and send us the confirmation/proof

3. Prove sufficiency of funds for your first year of study (see more information below)

4. Send us the required documents for your visa application (find the list of required documents below)

5. We will check all the documents and in order then forward your application to the Dutch Immigration Department (IND).

6. The application will be reviewed and – if approved – sent to the pre-selected Dutch embassy address within 4-6 weeks from the day of request.

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Financial requirements

When applying for a student visa/residence permit you will be asked to:

  • Prove that you have sufficient funds for both living expenses and tuition fee for your first year of stay. The required amount set by the Dutch Imigration Department (IND) is 15.000€.
    Even though the requested living cost fee reaches 15.000€, based on our experience we advice you to count on 23.000€ as living costs for the first year in the Netherlands, excluding the amount needed for your tuition fees. Please make sure you have enough funds before you arrive in the Netherlands. We do not ask you to transfer the full 23.000€ amount, only the 15.000€ amount, this is just to inform you that 23.000€ will probably be needed.
  • Pay the visa/residence permit application fee of €450.
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Required Documents

The list of required documents will be sent by us to you, after the successful completion of your payment. You will get the following documents:

  1. Signed antecedents form
  2. A scan of your passport
  3. Signed tuberculosis declaration (please check in this document if you need to undergo a tuberculosis test via this link based on your country of origin)
  4. Signed & filled in financial statement
  5. If you will be sponsored*

*If your tuition fees are being paid by someone other than yourself.

Sponsors are usually a family member, an employer, a government body, a charity or non-governmental organisation (NGO), not a relative who’s paying your costs (unless they are paying through their business).

Application Deadline and what comes next

The deadline for submitting your visa and/or residence permit application to Haarlem Campus is: 

  • 15th of June: Programmes starting in September
  • 15th of November: Programmes starting in February

We will give you the opportunity to start your studies online and to join us on campus once your visa has been approved if needed. 

  1. We apply for your visa permit and let you know about the date we did so.
  2. After 1-2 weeks we will receive a confirmation from IND (Immigration Department in the Netherlands) that they have received the visa application and withdrew the amount needed for the visa. We will send you a scan of that letter.
  3. After 1-2 weeks we will receive a negative or positive reaction from IND which will enable you to book an appointment with your preferred Dutch embassy in your preferred country. We will provide you with a scan of that letter.
  4. You need to book your embassy appointment immediately. The appointment consists of a document screening process together with an interview. Please ask the embassy what documents you need to bring with you for your appointment.
  5. After 1-2 weeks you will receive a positive or negative reaction from the embassy on whether or not your screening and interview was successful. If it is successful you are ready to pick up your stamped passport from the embassy and book your tickets to the Netherlands.
  6. You need to book a biometrics appointment in Amsterdam to go through your final screening process and get your final stamp.
  7. Book an appointment.
  8. After that, you are able to go to the Municipality where you live in The Netherlands and get your residency number BSN.
  9. If during steps 3 or 5 you receive a negative response from either the IND or the embassy we cannot continue with your visa application and we will reject your study offer and start our refund procedure which follows our policies.
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For students requiring a residence permit only

Similar to the Visa application, we will also help you apply for your residency permit. 


Please find all the information needed in this regard in this document provided by the immigration services.

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