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Sustainable Business: 5 more examples

This article delves into the impactful narratives of five such companies that have successfully woven purpose into the fabric of their business strategies. Let’s have a look!

In the contemporary business landscape, a profound shift is underway as leaders recognize the imperative need for large-scale transformations that prioritize sustainability. At the forefront of this movement are startups, emerging as dynamic agents of change by embracing regenerative innovation as their purpose.

Let's dive in!

Ecosia: empowering reforestation through internet influence

Ecosia, a trailblazing not-for-profit search engine, goes beyond the conventional realms of business impact. Founded in 2009, Ecosia is driven by a unique steward ownership model, ensuring that profits are reinvested into funding ecological and social projects globally.

Transparency is not merely a buzzword for Ecosia; it’s a commitment evident in their meticulously detailed annual financial report, providing users with a clear view of where their searches contribute. Ecosia’s impact is akin to the intricate ripples of nature, leveraging the power of the internet to plant trees and restore ecosystems worldwide.

Simply use it instead of Google, and then the more you search, the more trees you will plant. Amazing! 


Planet A: Navigating environmental challenges with purpose

Founded in 2017, Planet A is a startup that exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between business success and environmental stewardship. With a vision grounded in sustainability, Planet A pioneers an innovative approach by aligning investments with the nine planetary boundaries defined by scientists.

Make sure to check their webpage where they show a list of inspiring start-ups which have been helped by planet-A. 

This forward-thinking strategy ensures that every business decision takes into account the impact on the environment, fostering a holistic model that emphasizes harmony with nature. Their commitment to a Life Cycle Assessment for every investment underscores the dedication to making informed, eco-conscious choices in the pursuit of profitability.


Traceless: Nature-inspired innovation for sustainable solutions

Traceless, a beacon of innovation, stands at the forefront of the sustainable product revolution. This startup, born out of a commitment to redefine our relationship with plastic, utilizes agricultural plant remnants as the building blocks for sustainable alternatives.

Founded in 2018, Traceless embodies the ethos of mimicking nature to create products that not only serve a purpose but leave no ecological footprint. Their dedication to value networks over traditional supply chains ensures that their products, ranging from packaging to everyday items, are 100% natural, avoiding competition for food resources and contributing to a circular economy.


Moyee coffee: Brewing transparency and fair practices

In the world of coffee, Moyee Coffee stands as a disruptor, challenging the norms of an industry known for exploitation. Originating in the Netherlands, Moyee Coffee, established in 2013, takes a hands-on approach by directly collaborating with coffee farmers in 14 countries. Their commitment extends beyond delivering a premium coffee experience; it encompasses ensuring transparency, fair wages, and regenerative farming practices.

By reducing intermediary layers and building a transparent value chain, Moyee Coffee envisions a future where the coffee industry not only satisfies taste buds but also uplifts the communities involved in its production.


Retraced: transforming supply chain management for a sustainable future

Established in 2017, Retraced has emerged as a catalyst for change in the fashion and textile industry, redefining supply chain management for a sustainable future. By collaborating with companies in the fashion sector, Retraced provides a comprehensive platform that allows for the collection, tracing, evaluation, and management of supply chain compliance data.

This proactive approach empowers companies to identify and address environmental and social risks at every stage of production, fostering a culture of responsible consumption and sustainability.



The stories of Ecosia, Planet A, Traceless, Moyee Coffee, and Retraced serve as inspiring role models for a sustainable future. These companies showcase that profitability and purpose can coexist, and through innovative approaches, businesses can be forces for positive change. As we witness the rise of regenerative innovation, the need for individuals equipped with the knowledge and skills to steer this transformative journey becomes paramount.

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