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The Advantages of On-Campus Housing: More Than Just a Roof Over Your Head

In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of on-campus housing and why it’s more than just a roof over your head.

At Haarlem Campus in The Netherlands, we offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs that provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen field. 

However, we also recognize that a student’s living situation can have a significant impact on their academic success and overall college experience. If you are new to the Netherlands, you might not know that the housing situation is very difficult around here. There are really high demands and low supply, creating a shortage. 

We as an institution recognize this problem and that it can be challenging for students which is why offer our students on-campus housing as a viable option.

Convenience and proximity

One of the primary benefits of on-campus housing is convenience. Living on campus means that you are just a short walk away from your classes, the study areas, and other campus resources. This would naturally mean that students can’t be late or cannot have an excuse for that. Funny enough, when you live really close to a university or any other place, the chances of you being late end up being high, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. 

On a serious note though the proximity can be a game-changer for new international students who are first timers in the Netherlands, or students who have a heavy course load. With on-campus housing, students can easily access everything they need without the hassle of a long commute or traffic.

Community and social connections

Our on-campus housing provides a sense of community. Living on campus with your classmates allows you to form strong friendships as you share many experiences. You learn and laugh together. This can help new commers to make friends easy and establish a sense of belonging.

Safety and Security

Living on campus also provides students with easy access to academic support resources. 

Most of our current students who are housed on-campus often make study groups and help each other out in their academic activities. Not to mention that if a student is struggling with an assignment or class they could simply walk for 2 mins and find their teacher to ask for guidance. 

Amenities and Facilities

Finally, our on-campus housing offers a different range of amenities and facilities. For example, we have the basics covered. Things like laundry facilities, internet, furniture, and basic cooking equipment. Further living on campus means also being close to a cinema, cafe/bar, fitness facilities, and some other cool places like a ping pong table or table football.

Wrapping up

Our on-campus housing is more than just a roof over your head. It provides numerous benefits that can enhance a student’s college experience and academic success. From convenience and proximity to academic support and community connections, living on campus can help students thrive both academically and socially.

If you don’t believe us come on a tour to see for yourself on our open day or talk to one of our students. We will be happy to show you around.