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First impression of the Master of Applied Sustainability

SRH Haarlem University of Applied Sciences Master program has started with its first-ever students. One-year intensive Applied Sustainability Management course preparing leaders with the knowledge and skills to lead the way towards sustainability.

The Master in Applied Sustainability Management

Good news is on the horizon in the historic Koepel building in Haarlem! SRH Haarlem University of Applied Sciences Master programme has started with its first-ever students. This one-year intensive Applied Sustainability Management course is an innovative programme that meets one of the most critical needs of our time: preparing leaders with the knowledge and skills to lead the way towards sustainability.

The Master of Science in Applied Sustainability Management programme started in 2023. The programme is known for its diverse community of students and faculty members from all over the world, who bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the programme. Next to that, in the heart of the programme is the beauty of live classroom discussions. Bringing together students from diverse backgrounds, each with unique perspectives and experiences. It's not just about textbooks or lectures but a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. By participating in such discussions, individuals can expand their horizons and foster personal growth while contributing to the collective pool of human knowledge.

Our international class

One of our master's students is Emma, a young, passionate professional from Nigeria. Prior to the master's, she was an aerospace engineer, dreaming of doing something valuable; she was attracted to the programme because it fit her desire to use her skills to promote sustainable aviation practices.

On the other hand, our university dean, Michelle Hett, brings a wealth of experience managing international students and a deep commitment to fostering a diverse learning environment. With this experience, she brings to her role a strong dedication to providing the best environment for delivering a diverse learning experience. 

Doing good, by doing well

The Applied Sustainability Management programme isn’t just about planting or hugging trees, rather, we consider real issues that industries face. Students will learn how to implement sustainability in the energy sector, such as the turn from fossil fuel to renewable sources. They will also learn the necessary improvements to innovate solutions in water management, which has been one of the critical issues facing climate change. Furthermore, for someone who cares about food security and a healthy ecosystem, the programme gets into sustainable agriculture practices that nurture our planet for generations. On top of all of this we also look at the problems through a business lens, because we believe that if we want to make sustainability work, it has to be scalable and profitable  - doing good, by doing well. If you are interested into seeing real-world examples of this philosophy read our article Sustainable Business: 5 more examples and also 7 examples of sustainable businesses.


Graduates from this programme will be the Sustainability Superheroes. They will know how to deal with complicated problems, as well as manage the diversity within their workplace. All this will impact either already existing entities or the start-ups they will find. 

Our Applied Sustainability Management programme at SRH Haarlem is designed for a diverse group of people who share one common passion: a passion for a greener future. If you have a relevant bachelor's degree in your pocket (see which ones here) and desire to make an impact, then this programme can be your launching pad. Learn more about the programme, the application process, and tuition fees on our programme page.