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What Does a Digital Transformation Manager Do?

In this post we will share with you what would what exactly a digital transformation manager does and also how it aligns with what you will study during the 4 years of the bachelor program digital transformation management.

Hey you! Have you been looking at the digital transformation management program, and also exploring your work possibilities after the compilation of the program? 

Maybe you saw the role of digital transformation manager, or a process manager, or in a general leadership position, but then you wondered what does that actually mean. Let us tell you all the insights. 

For starters

Our world today is changing so fast, and companies need to be able to adapt quickly, that’s when the digital transformation manager (DTM) comes to save the day. The role is dynamic and it involves steering organizations through the complex journey of integrating technology into their core strategies. 

Defining a Digital Transformation manager

As the DTM, one of your natural qualities is to think about what technological opportunities are there for your organization to adopt, you would naturally be curious about where might you optimize certain processes and also think about how to implement those changes easily. 

Strategic planning: navigating technological shifts

As a DTM you are first and foremost the strategiser in the company. You will create strategic roadmaps or plans for the company’s digital journey, typically looking at the future for the next several years. This means that you also need to be aware and on top of technological trends, evaluating if they are important or not for your company. This means that you will examine your company’s goals and the trends you have studied and see how they can fit with each other. But in a few words, you will be a great strategiser and a great planner. 

Collaborative leadership: orchestrating cross functional teams

Running transformative processes in a company means that you will be collaborating with many different departments and people. You will be the bridge between departments, making sure there is a collaborative environment. This means different stakeholders or diverse teams are all aligned, and that they all share the challenges and success. 

Change management: guiding the organisation through the transformation

You need to be aware that with all this change and innovation, one thing is for sure going to happen – resistance. As DTM you will face a lot of resistance either from stakeholders or employees. Change is difficult and many times uncomfortable. That’s why another important responsibility of yours will be to communicate the vision of transformation. Address concerns, and inspire teams to embrace new ways of working. The way you communicate and empathize with your team and the rest of the workplace will be key in guiding the organization through the transformation journey. 

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Informed decision making: data-drive insights

Well, you wouldn’t really be a DTM if you were not breathing and living data. It is the cornerstone of your decision-making. You will use data analytics to measure the impact of technological changes, identify areas of success and areas that require improvement. This analytical approach ensures that strategies are effective and are really driving results. This is why already in your first year you will go through an extensive data analytics module and you will keep improving your analytical skills throughout the 4 years of your study. 

SRH Haarlem Campus: bridging theory and practice

At SRH Haarlem Campus, our Digital Transformation Management program prepares students to step into the role of a Digital Transformation Manager. Through theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, students learn to navigate the complexities of digital change, making them adept at orchestrating transformation in real-world scenarios. The study program seeks to provide you with comprehensive competencies to lead the (ethical) development and use of digital technologies in companies and non-profit organisation in the Netherlands and abroad.


In a world where digital evolution is constant, a Digital Transformation Manager becomes a guiding light. With the ability to strategize, lead, and innovate, this role is essential in steering organizations toward growth and relevance in the digital age.

Embrace the role of a Digital Transformation Manager, and embrace the digital future with confidence, at Haarlem Campus.

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