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5 Business Psychology Skills You'll Gain with our Programme

In this article, we’ll look at the top skills you’ll learn with a Business Psychology degree and how you can use them in your future career.

Are you interested in a career that combines business and psychology? A Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology could be ideal for you. At SRH Haarlem Campus, we provide a comprehensive programme that prepares students to flourish in a range of disciplines. Here are The Top 5 Business Psychology Skills You'll Gain with our program.

Understanding of Human Resource Management

As a Business Psychology student, you will obtain a thorough understanding of human resource management fundamentals. You’ll learn how to recruit, hire, and train employees, as well as create and implement effective performance management systems. You’ll also learn about employee motivation and satisfaction, as well as how to foster a positive work environment that promotes employee engagement and productivity.

Ability to implement change management processes

The capacity to implement change management methods is one of the most crucial talents you’ll develop with a Business Psychology degree. You’ll learn how to identify problem areas and plan and implement effective change management techniques. Understanding the psychology of resistance to change and how to overcome it is part of this.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

In any business setting, effective communication is essential. As a Business Psychology student, you’ll learn how to interact effectively with colleagues, clients, and customers. You’ll also gain strong interpersonal skills, allowing you to form and maintain positive relationships with others.

Understanding of individual and group behaviour

Individual and group behaviour is studied in depth by our students. You’ll learn how to analyse behavior in diverse circumstances, and how to apply this information to develop more productive teams and work environments. Understanding the psychology of leadership, as well as how to encourage and inspire people, is an aspect of this

Insiders tip*

Richelle Tison , on of our Business Psychology students, was on our podcast, talking further about her experience with the studies and Haarlem Campus. If you want to get some insights straight from the source, have a listen!

Leadership and team management skills

Any business professional must be able to lead and manage a team. You’ll learn how to develop and implement successful leadership and team management methods with a Business Psychology degree. You’ll learn about the psychology of leadership and how to inspire and motivate others to work together to achieve common goals. You’ll also learn how to deal with disputes and form strong teams.


In the ever-evolving business climate of today, having a Business Psychology bachelor’s degree can be a great benefit. You’ll acquire a broad range of abilities with this degree, allowing you to succeed in a variety of positions and sectors. The skills you’ll develop will be in great demand in a variety of fields, including human resource management, marketing, and change management.

Then why wait? To begin your journey towards a rewarding career in business psychology, submit an application right away. We will be excited to meet you and have you as a part of our community!