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Exploring Media in Business: A Guide for the Bachelor Creative Media (part 2)

In this article, we’ll explore the business side of media and the topics covered in the program to help you understand what to expect as a prospective student.

Are you interested in the world of media production, marketing, and distribution? If so, the Bachelor’s program in Creative Media at Haarlem Campus might be the perfect fit for you.  In this article we discuss the business side of media, but in case you missed in part 1, we discuss the different types  of media, make sure  to go check it out. 

Media is more than just entertainment, it's also business.

The production, marketing, and distribution of media content and applications require a deep understanding of the industry, business principles, and management. In the Creative Media program at SRH Haarlem Campus, you’ll learn about the business side of media and how to apply that knowledge to your future career.

Running a media company

One of the essential topics covered in the program is running a media company. You’ll learn about the various aspects of managing a media business, you will take a look at various forms of media companies like internet agencies, event agencies, advertising, press departments, broadcasting media, publishing, trends office, and others. But even more importantly you will learn specific business skills, such as the following.


Alongside, learning about the Media world and its various forms, you will learn about entrepreneurship. The key goal of the module is to develop entrepreneurial skills and attitudes to prepare the students for their role as entrepreneurs with a focus on the identification, design, development, and initial implementation of small-scale social or digital business ventures in small teams. stakeholder and the perspective of the media professional. Students will search for an innovative product or service idea that responds to a socio-cultural problem in the media and communications industry.

Financial Management

You’ll learn about budgeting, financial planning, and the basics of accounting, which are all crucial skills for running a successful media business. This is becoming increasingly important for the survival of companies in connection with the intensification of competition – especially in the media and communication industry.

Legal and ethical considerations

Media companies must comply with various legal and ethical requirements. You’ll learn about the laws and regulations that apply to media businesses, including intellectual property, privacy, and data protection.

Management and Leadership

Another critical topic covered in the program is management and corporate communication. You’ll learn about how to distinguish key strategic management theories. You will understand and know how to apply the main management approaches and leadership styles in different situations. They will learn about and know how to analyse cultural management approaches To be effective as a professional.

Furthermore, students will explore different leadership styles, effective communication, and conflict resolution, which are all crucial skills for managing a team in the media industry.

Corporate Communication

You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with stakeholders, clients, and employees, using different communication channels and strategies. This includes being able to recognize communication occasions in companies and select appropriate instruments in a targeted manner.


Marketing and Branding

Finally, you’ll learn about marketing and branding in the media industry. You’ll learn about creating a brand, developing a marketing strategy, and reaching your target audience through different media channels. The aim is to enable students to understand the essential principles and elements of marketing and thus cover the key concepts, theories, and frameworks within marketing. It integrates digital and social media marketing completely within its framework.

To wrap up

The Bachelor’s program in Creative Media in Business at SRH Haarlem Campus is an excellent choice for anyone interested in the business side of media. The program covers essential topics such as running a media company, management, and corporate communication, providing you with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in the media industry. By the end of the program, you’ll be equipped with the tools and techniques to create, market, and distribute media content and applications in a variety of settings.